Exploring Sunrise Grocery...

Our Boiled P-Nuts have been featured in 'Southern Living' magazine! Try 'em!

Here's a sample of what you'll find:

  • Purvis Brothers Sourwood honey
  • Sorghum made in right here in the mountains
  • Best of the locally grown seasonal produce
  • Award-winning BBQ rubs and sauces (Butt Rub, Bone Suckin', Ole Ray's)
  • Old-fashioned hoop cheese
  • Delicious 'Foothills' sugar cured hams
  • Seasoned oak and hickory firewood
  • Applewood smoked trout (yum!)
  • Logan Turnpike Stone Ground Meal
  • Walden Creek Jellies
  • 'Aspen' mulling spices and 'Instant Gourmet' spices

Muscadine, blackberry and peach cider ... 'Hotter n' Hell' chowchow...pickled peppers and beans
'Critters from the Forest' stuffed raccoons and bears ... Locally handcrafted pottery
Vintage 1930's wallpaper stationery and notecards ... old-fashioned handwoven kitchen towells

'Get Close to Nature' teeshirts and sleepware ... Vintage aprons, tablecloths and retro tea towells
Georgia cookbooks, including White Trash Cooking
Bait and tackle just for local fishing ... Worms, crickets and powerbait

Some of the products we carry:

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